dragon form


Twile is a rather unusual beast. Covered with silky-smooth red fur from head to tail, the feral-looking dragon is physically and mentally quite different from most of his race. He walks on all fours frequently, well-toned muscles rippling nearly invisibly under his fur with every stride, mostly looking the part of a dragon save for his cinnamon-flavored fur. Upholding the proud tradition of dragons being absolute sex machines, Twile sports an enviable masculine region, featuring 24 inches of pleasantly firm dragon meat with a thickness comparable to a 2-Liter bottle. Similar to a canine, he also has a sheath to keep 'himself' out of sight when not in use.

Behavior-wise, Twile is even more unusual. He's quite keen and clever--yet often goofy or exhibiting the behavior of a dog, cat, or chicken. He might go from debating the nature of conciousness and what it entails to rolling in the dirt at a moment's notice. Overall, though, he's a very caring and reasonable creature, with a playful and energetic demeanor.

Quick Stats

Name: Twile
Age: 20 years
Species: Dragon
Color, Primary:
Attributes: Furry, feral
Abilities: Form/size-shifting
Sexuality: Gay
Attitude: Friendly, joking

Twile has numerous interests and passions in life, including but not limited to electronic games (he hates physical activity, despite his pristine condition) and the technologies (hardware and software) they run on, science fiction and fantasy, debate, and perhaps most significantly, the male body and all the fun ways to pleasurably violate it ;3

Twile has a variety of special abilities, most notably complete size and form-shifting of himself and any object he's physically in contact with. This makes him extremely dangerous, but given his peaceful attitude, doesn't pose much of a threat to anyone, lest they desire to do harm to him first. His default dragon form (which he can and does change now and then, often for just a day at a time) is immensely stretchy to allow for some of his more "interesting" passions. He's also seemingly invulnerable, fading back into existence minutes after death. It's theorized that all of his powers come from an extra-dimensional being with a vested interest in keeping the dragon alive and entertained [that would be me!].

fox form

Fox form

Sometimes, Twile wishes to blend in more or just have a change of pace, so he has a fairly regularly used fox morph familiar to all his friends. Standing at 5'7" and weighing 135 lbs, Twile doesn't much stick out in a crowd, except possibly for his nearly constant nudity (which may or may not stand out in some circles), twin tails, and cinnamon flavor/scent. His personality is mostly similar to his dragon form, given that he is still the same guy, although he tends to be a bit more submissive, less imposing, and more energetic. As in his dragon form, he can change his physical appearance and relative dimensions to suit his mood and situation, but generally he's an average size, toned build, and sports a generously sized sheath.