Contacting Twile

Put shortly: Contact Twile through one of the ways listed in the table below.

For those who love to read: If by this point you're interested in chatting it up with Twile, feel free to drop him a message through any of the channels listed in the table below. Yahoo is preferred, AIM is acceptable (though such a miserable chat program...), Hello and Google Talk are rarely used. A note on FurAffinity or email to the listed Yahoo or Google accounts will naturally be slower, but should work regardless of what chat clients you might have. And an email to the account just might work, if things are configured properly. Twile also uses Hotmail and MSN/Live Messenger, but as he's trying to distance himself from these, you'll have to ask through another means to get that contact information.

Very often, the dragon will be multi-tasking for academic or entertainment purposes, so don't be upset if responses aren't instant and engrossing. But, chances are, if you find the time for him, he'll try to find the time for you. Also, he... why the hell am I still talking in third person? Alright, here, I'll make it simple.

I'm a decent, polite guy who's willing to chat. I'm not creepy or stalkerish, I've got my own quirks but I don't cross boundaries. Chat or roleplay, argue or play games, I'm pretty willing to meet new people.

Contact Info

AIM: Twile Dragon
Yahoo: tweekdragon
FurAffinity: Twile
Hello: Twile
Google Talk: twiledragon